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Our Story...

Dottie and Audrey were special women who loved family, friends and great food served around a big table with loads of coffee and 

frequent belly laughs.

Dottie hails from some tough Scotsmen who emigrated from the Outer Hebrides (two of her 3rd Great Grandfathers fought not far away at the Battle of Stony Point as part of the Pennsylvania Line). After the Revolutionary War, her ancestors were pioneers that went on to settle Western Pennsylvania as farmers, smiths, clergymen and solid citizens. That get-it-done attitude was imprinted on her and everything that she did - including feeding 7 kids, 23 grandkids and every stray imaginable throughout her life, with wholesome, real food, lovingly prepared and attractively presented.  

Audrey was raised in England in London and Salisbury. Her family originally came to the Plymouth Colony in 1620 - Thanksgiving has special meaning to her family - but her Grandmother returned to Britain after her husband became the family heir as a result of the loss of her brother-in-law who died at the Battle of Cold Spring fighting for the Union. Audrey became enamored of and married an American GI during WWII and moved to New York, spending summers in the south of England. She valued education highly, volunteered relentlessly, and loved throwing cocktail parties on the beach.


Her love of good food, family and friends was legendary. 


Dottie Audrey’s works hard to honor these two women and  women like them and represents the heart of the home - a busy,  well-loved and well-scrubbed kitchen.


No styrofoam or plastic bags here! We live up to their examples by living an environmentally conscious lifestyle centered on artisanal, simple, tasty food that has been carefully curated, served in an inviting and nostalgic environment by nice people.


They loved old things. Our spaces are outfitted with recycled, repurposed architectural elements and antiques. Our interiors have a rustic sensibility that we hope evokes a sense of warmth and comfort - just the way they liked it.


We hope you like it too.

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